How To Paint A Wall

A room can be painted in as little as 2 hours, but the process can freshen up a room like few other decorating techniques.

Still, for the do-it-yourself decorator, painting can be a daunting task, and knowing how to get the best results can seem like a mystery. That being said, painting need not be difficult, and with a few tips and guidelines, you will be ready to reinvent your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or kitchen.

Brushes and rollers are obviously the two most basic tools of the house painter. Still, before you even start painting, you will need to prepare your room. Floor coverings should be laid to ensure you do not drip paint on carpet or hardwood floors.

You can cut in along corners, trim, or ceilings using a trim brush with bevelled bristles. Paint five or six strips along corners and edges so you have plenty of room to work with a roller. When applying the paint at first, use small, short strokes to maintain control. Once the paint has been applied, you can blend the strokes using one long stroke, painting out from the corner or edge using perpendicular strokes.

Once all edges are covered, you are ready to paint the majority of the surface of your wall.

Paint sprayers are a faster solution which you can get a better finish. You can cut the walls and then go crazy with the sprayer to cover more surface. Be careful if there are furniture or other objects that shouldn’t get painted since with the sprayer is easier to go over those. Covering them tightly would be sufficient to avoid any unwanted paint marks. Also, remember to point before spraying where you want to get your paint land. There are great products out there like the Wagner HEA Control Pro.

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