The Do’s of Pest Control

Pest control involves first, an ounce of pest prevention and then becoming familiar with the pests that have inhabited your home. Here we look at the dos of getting rid of those annoying critters!

Pest control is something that everyone must deal with in their homes at some point in time. Whether it is ants, mosquitoes, mice or racoons rifling through your garbage finding effective means to get rid of insects is important to every homeowner as well as every apartment dweller.

First and foremost, you cannot expect the problem to go away on its own. Trying to push it out of your mind will not do the trick. You need intervention and you need it as soon as possible. The problem is only going to get worse over time, not better. If you feel that you cannot deal adequately with it on your own then call in a pest control service to do the dirty work for you but pest control prices are expensive so here are some ideas to get started.

Do ask the right questions about the unwelcome visitors that have invaded your home and expect to find answers to your questions. You cannot figure out how best to control the problem until you know what you are dealing with.

Do try preventing pests from showing up in your dwelling before you reach for the number to call a pest control company. Make sure there is no food, water or shelter for any pests to enjoy. Store your food in sealed glass containers (or plastic) and make sure that you empty the garbage in your home on a regular basis. Your recycling container that contains food scraps should always be placed in cans or bins that have a cover that can be closed tightly.

It is best not to leave any pet food out during the night as it can attract unwanted visitors. Pick up the pet plates before you retire for the night. You will have a better night’s sleep knowing that you don’t have to wake up to creepy critters in the morning!

Repair any leaky pipes and other plumbing issues around your home. For the sake of pest prevention, do not allow any water to accumulate or sit for extended periods of time in your home. This can usher in mildew and mould problems as well. Empty the tray under your refrigerator frequently as well as the trays under any houseplants that you might have. The more you can do in the way of pest prevention the less you have to do in the way of pest control!

If you decide to use pesticides then do so at your own risk. Make sure you read the directions carefully and use them safely and in the correct manner. Make sure that you keep your childrenArticle Submission, other family members and any pets you have away from the area (s) being treated. From there you can use baits as a form of a chemical to defend against insects and/or rodents. Do be careful with any type of pesticide you use as they all pose a danger to people and animals.

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